Monday, February 7, 2005

Pure Ecstasy

Pure Ecstasy

Pure ecstasy…the only way I can explain it.

I was fine with winter, really I was. Didn’t even mind the snow, I love seeing the kids revel in what Mother Nature can deliver. But someone came along and we started talking bikes and it got to me. I have not even uncovered the bikes for almost 4 months.

So, Sunday February 6, 2005 I find myself trying to get ready for the big game, and get some chores done around the house. I should be taking advantage of time without the kids around and get some things accomplished. But in the back of my mind are the bikes. After getting the errands done and riding home with the windows open I was drawn to the garage…almost unwillingly.

“I just wanna see if she will start. Ohhhh…..what a beautiful sound, and oh the smell. Maybe I should just pull her out into that brisk sunshine and dust her off. Well, just a quick blast up and down my little side street. I just want to feel it again”

I spent many a recent time with my own internal doubts. Did I lose the confidence I had started to gain at the end of last year? Will I be as comfortable as I had become after last years track day? I was sure I needed some ‘alone’ riding time to regain my composure.

The “I just want to feel it again” turned into about an hour ride. I found myself in fourth gear going up the hill and out of the neighbor hood and this deep yell of pure exhilaration was filling my helmet. All doubts where gone….I did not forget. It was a struggle, I have to keep reminding myself there is still lots of ice, melting snow piles, sand, salt and the newly acquired riding surface cluttered with potholes.

Since I was only going to try it in front of the house, I had not bothered to dress appropriately for the brisk 44 degree day. Wife beater, leather jacket, jeans and no gloves!! Chilly it was, only I realized that I did not even notice, not even a shiver. I stopped to top her off so that she can retire again to the safety of the garage; however, pulling into the doublewide driveway was the hardest turn of the day. As I dismounted I realized that my hands were so cold I could barely move them. The keypad to open the garage was almost impossible to navigate.

I am surely ready for spring.

Needless to say, the laundry remains unwashed and I was wiring my surround sound with much appreciated assistance from a certain someone during pre-game. But that shall be another entry. 

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